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I love Halloween—I love the candy, the decorations (especially the witches), the trick-or-treaters and most of all– the costumes! When our kids were growing up, I made them all sorts of costumes—a devil, a warlock, a pirate, a Ninja Turtle, a gorilla, a Dracula and many others. I know many of you do as well because I’ve seen some of your creations!

Costumes005  Costumes008

Costumes007 One year, each member of our family went as some sort of clown. I sewed all the costumes and purchased the accessories. The boys chose what kind of clown they wanted to be: a jester clown, a hobo clown, an Auguste clown (he has a BIG smile) and a tramp clown.  The only challenging part of making the jester clown—I had to hand-sew 48 bells onto each costume! We actually used those costumes for several Halloween seasons.


 Costumes006Making Halloween costumes is actually fun because if you make a mistake or the seams are not just perfect—who cares? No one is looking at them “up close and personal” so they do not have to be perfect!

Today, there are so many inexpensive Halloween costumes so most people find it easier to purchase them. However, if you are a seamstress–your kids will love and remember the costumes you make.


Halloween 6 My daughter-in-law Moe knit an amazing costume for my darling grandson, Lowell. They were going to a Harry Potter Party so she knit him a “Hedwig the Owl” costume and for my son Trevor, she knit him a Harry Potter scarf, complete with black-rimmed glasses. These costumes made a big hit at the party and on facebook!



My other talented daughter-in-law Jenna makes costumes for my three sweet grandchildren every year. They have gone as characters from Mary Poppins, Walt Disney characters, a Viking warrior, Max from “Where the Wild Things Are,” etc. She lets each child choose what character they want to be each year so Audrey, Claire and Noah usually have their ideas for costumes solidified by August of each year–it is that important and fun for them!

Halloween 2  Halloween 3 Halloween 5  Halloween 4

And this year, Jeanna made these costumes: Audrey went as a Wicked Princess, Claire went as a Peacock and Noah went as a Ninja Turtle. Jenna made every part of these costumes–she ordered the peacock feathers, (this was amazing!), and she even made the turtle shell for Noah’s costume!

" "

Audrey as the Wicked Princess

" "

Noah as a Ninja Turtle

" "

Claire as a Peacock!

" "

Claire with her feathers down

So, if you think you still have enough time—grab some colorful fabric, a pattern or two and a sewing machine and you are off and running. Enjoy this very fun and very popular holiday and create more fun family memories!

 Boo to you!

Sharlene 2014

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