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(Note: this is the last blogpost in a series of three that I’ve published over the last month)

Today we are discussing another important part of the brain that music strengthens—the motor areas of the brain.

 Brain-builder #3: Music strengthens the motor areas for brain organization and memory skills…

 Learning a musical instrument and being engaged in music develops the motor areas of our brain—which is important for the development and organization of the entire neurological system. “Let’s Play Music” as well as other music programs use both the Orff-Shulwerk and Dalcroze programs—both of which strengthen the motor areas of the brain.  Here’s how:

 When a young child pounds on rhythm instruments, claps her hands, stamps her feet, snaps her fingers or marches around the room—it is similar to a baby learning to crawl—and all these activities organize the brain; helps the child to remain focused, and increases memorization skills. These specific body movements are found in the Orff-Schulwerk program.


 Dalcroze incorporates the use of specific movements called eurhythmics.  Children move their bodies to the beat of the music and the body is trained like an instrument. Many different senses come together in the Dalcroze experience: seeing, hearing, feeling and moving.


Scientists say that movement is an indispensable part of learning and thinking. Dancing and moving to the music, marching, singing, whistling melodies, humming tunes all boost a child’s language, listening and motor skills. They also help develop physical coordination, timing and memory.


 So there you have it. If you want to build a bigger, better brain; one that functions at a higher level; one that helps children to read; increases language development; boosts memory; aids in the learning of math and science; and enhances motor skills—then start learning a musical instrument. It will be the best thing you do for your brain—and your overall feeling of well-being! Plus, it is just plain fun!


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