Orange Cranberry Cookies

Dec. 15, 2014 by

I love these cookies! I got the recipe from my friend Janene Zimmerman many years ago.  They are wonderful to make around holiday time–because the cranberries and glaze frosting make them very festive-looking. I hope this recipe becomes one of

Homemade Nachos

Nov. 4, 2014 by

These Nachos are great for any occasion, but they are extra fun to make around different holidays–such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday, etc.  My family loves them and they do not think Christmas Eve or the Super Bowl

The Best Oatmeal Cookies Ever!

Sep. 25, 2014 by

I love oatmeal cookies, but I like everything–including the kitchen sink (as they say)– in them. These are amazing oatmeal cookies–moist, flavorful, and delicious. I like to make oatmeal cookies during the fall, in fact, I think the words autumn

Reading and Eating Your Way through Children’s Literature

Aug. 25, 2014 by

Here are the recipes that go with the children’s books I discussed in two earlier blogs. They are fun to make and add a special reading/eating experience for your children. Pasta Fajioli Soup (Book: Stone Soup) Ingredients: 3 tsp. oil

Fruit Soup

Aug. 6, 2014 by

  Ingredients: 4 cups sugar 4 cups water ¾ cups lemon juice 2 pkgs. loose frozen raspberries (they can be fresh) 1 pkg. loose frozen boysenberries (they can be fresh) 2 boxes loose frozen blueberries (they can be fresh) 1

Lemon, Orange, Banana Ice Cream

Jul. 18, 2014 by

This is an amazing ice cream—light, refreshing and delicious! It is very simple to make and takes about 10 minutes to prepare and another 20 minutes in the ice cream freezer. I got this recipe from my friend, Cindy Segawa

Gerri’s Salsa

Jun. 19, 2014 by

Okay–the hot summer months are coming up and your tomatoes in your garden are growing. You need a recipe for those tomatoes! So, here is a great recipe for salsa… I found this recipe about two years ago in the

Refrigerator Pickles: A Recipe from my Garden

Jun. 12, 2014 by

I’ve been making these pickles for over 20 years. I use the cucumbers that I grow in my garden. These pickles are very easy to make and delicious! and you do not have to process them in a hot water

Hot Apple Cake with Caramel Pecan Sauce

Jun. 9, 2014 by

This is an amazing cake! Yes, I know it probably is more appropriate for the fall, but I make this year around. I purchased Marlene Sorosky’s “The Dessert Lover’s Cookbook” years ago (out of print), but this was one of

Lemon Bars with a twist

Jun. 3, 2014 by

Ingredients:  ½ cup powdered sugar 2 cubes butter (not margarine) 2 cups flour  Directions for Crust: Mix the above like a pie crust, cutting the butter into the sugar and flour. Press into a 9 x 13” pan. Bake at

Panhandle Barbeque Sauce

May. 30, 2014 by

    This is a family favorite and tastes amazing over roast beef sandwiches–it is the perfect sauce for summer barbecues! Ingredients: 1 10 oz. can tomato soup 1 8 oz can tomato sauce ½ cup dark molasses ½ cup

Strawberry Ice Cream

May. 30, 2014 by

This is a quick and easy recipe for ice cream. We are getting into warmer days and this will hit the spot! Ingredients: 2 quarts ½ & ½ 3 cups sugar 5 cups crushed strawberries (gently crush in the blender)

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